Yoga class at Inova Health System
Yoga class at Inova Health System (Courtesy of Inova Health System)


Inova Health System
8110 Gatehouse Road Falls Church, VA 22042

Amenities: Group fitness classes, weight-loss counseling, online personal coaching
Hours: Ongoing
Price: Varies based on class/program

Inova, one of the most well-known health systems in the region, offers group classes in its hospitals and partners with local community organizations to provide classes in their facilities. Rather than making money for itself with a huge gym, Inova works within the community to help other groups. Classes taught by Inova instructors are smaller than those at commercial gyms, so participants receive more attention from the instructors. Kathryn Sutton, Inova Healthy Lifestyles program manager, notes: “Sometimes exercising at a large gym can be intimidating, and Inova wanted to provide another exercise option to the general public. Participants receive quality instruction in a relaxed, nonintimidating setting.”

Along with smaller class sizes, Inova also provides online personal coaching programs for members who may be too busy for regular gym visits. These training programs can be completed from participants’ homes and allow for easy check-ins with coaches via phone and email. Coaches hold the members accountable through this regular communication, and clients who cannot make it to a gym still receive a quality coaching experience.

For members who are more concerned with nutrition and weight issues rather than solely working out, Inova also offers weight-loss counseling to the public. Clients receive consultations with Inova dietitians and personalized programs tailored to their unique goals.


(August 2015)