Make It a Plate

One cannot live on pit-cooked meat alone.

Bacon on a stick

A heavily seasoned slab of fatty pork belly, smoked until the crusty charred bark screams “eat me.” –JF / Monk’s BBQ, 251 N. 21st St., Purcellville


BBQ-ranch beans

A rich and meaty—oh hey are those bits of brisket?!—bean side dish that is so good you could eat a bowl of it like chili. –SG / Urban Bar-B-Que, 44050 Ashburn Shopping Plaza, Suite 151, Ashburn


Baked sweet potato wedges

Long and thick, browned and creamy, these wedges bring out the best of the sweet potato. –SG / Harry’s Smokehouse, 100 S. Hayes St., Arlington


Chili grits

Stick-to-your-ribs-good polenta threaded with piquant poblano peppers and lavished in butter. –WR / Whole Foods Market Smokehouse, 4501 Market Commons Drive, Fairfax


Collard greens

Salty chunks of ham hock and bacon break up the pungent, vinegary cup of greens. –JF / The Bone, 9420 Battle St., Manassas



Moist through and through with the rich flavor of jalapeno permeating each slice. –JF / Smokin Billy’s Bar-B-Q, 5282 Lee Highway, Warrenton


Corn nuggets

Creamed corn floured and fried into little balls is just as good as you’d imagined. –SG / Smokin’ Brays, 2896 Dale Blvd., Woodbridge


Corn pudding

Silky creamed corn. Melted cheddar. Diced jalapeno. A hint of onion. What’s not to like? –WR / Rocklands, Multiple NoVA locations


Coconut pie

A tropical stunner that summons dulcet coconut cream wrapped in buttery pastry and blanketed by toasted coconut. –WR / Dixie Bones BBQ, Multiple NoVA locations


French fries

Fresh cut. Fresh fried. Served piping hot. Reminiscent of Boardwalk spuds, only surrounded by barbecue, not sand. –JF / The Kernel’s BBQ, 12774 James Monroe Highway, Leesburg



A crunchy outer shell gives way to a warm center littered with whole-kernel corn. –JF / Allman’s BBQ, 1299 Jefferson Davis Highway, Fredricksburg; 540-373-9881


Mac and cheese

Tender noodles bathed in molten dairy—cheddar, Parmesan figure prominently—all baked to a golden brown. –WR / Artie’s, 3260 Old Lee Highway, Fairfax


Monster mac and cheese

Fiery, yet creamy, these oversized ridged noodles let the cheese cling to each crevice. –SG / Pork Barrel BBQ, 2312 Mt. Vernon Ave., Alexandria


Onion ring loaf

Tangle of crunchy, fried onion rings? Check. Alluring ranch-barbecue dipping sauce? Check. Happy plate? Check. –WR / Red Hot & Blue, Multiple NoVA locations



These super soft yams, blessed with cinnamon and in a syrupy concoction, are even sweeter than the shop’s sweet potato pie filling. Save leftovers to pour over ice cream. –SG / The Lazy Pig, 17530 Waters Lane, Dumfries


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(July 2015)