Jennifer O’Sullivan’s Tips to Get the Health Ball Rolling at work

Timing is Everything
“Having been a manager myself, I can say that timing is everything. If I’m already fighting to keep my budget from being slashed, I’m not going to be as receptive to anything that costs money no matter how good it is. Come prepared with all the relevant information, including identifying a potential instructor or set of instructors. Having a list of benefits helps too.”

Seek the Most Affordable Option
“If costs are a concern, consider an option where interested employees pool together to pay some or all of the costs. I’ve taught yoga at an Alexandria-based association that subsidized weekly classes. Each quarter, those who wanted to take the classes would sign up with the coordinator, and the company would pay a portion of the costs. I charge a sliding rate based on the number of people attending the classes, so in this scenario the costs wouldn’t fluctuate much for the attendees.”

Start Small
“Start small and try to tag on a workshop as part of a team-building day or department retreat. Sometimes a sample can sell a bigger program.”  

Create Your Crew
“If all that fails, gather some coworkers and start practicing together. A friend of mine started a weekly meditation group at her office in McLean because she wanted someone to sit with.”


Upgrade Your Workday

(January 2015)