Marymount University

Marymount University, Arlington

Perhaps the school year isn’t enough and your child would like to enroll in an academic program to get their summer rolling. Look no further than the three-credit residential programs for high school students—The Criminal Justice System and The International Business Experience—offered at Marymount University.

Both programs are residential, so participants will stay in single-gender dorms on campus so as to be able to fully experience college life—extracurricular activities and all.

If your child loves crime shows, always skips to the crime reports in the paper and has a keen sense of violence in the world around them, then The Criminal Justice System (CJ 209) will be their dream come true. It’s an intensive three-credit course that gives real-life perspective on all things criminal justice. Student participants will have the opportunity to meet real people in the field of crime scene investigation, attend museum exhibits and get a sneak peek into all that is law enforcement.

The International Business Experience (MGT 185) will allow your child to start learning the marketing, finance and economic skills they’ll need to be successful in the globally diverse business world that we live in. During the program, students will have the opportunity to take part in business scenarios that will allow them to experience the decision-making processes that occur in business.

Marymount will also be offering two separate free pre-college programs, Making Mobile Apps and Cybersecurity in Healthcare, that are non-residential for middle and high school students ages 14-18. The weeklong institutes are designed to provide students with hands-on experience in the respective fields. The purpose of these technology institutes are to allow children to expand their interests and meet people who share the same ideas on said concepts. —Rebecca Norris


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(March 2015)