Pho N More
Photography by Stefanie Gans

Pho N More

After a page listing the typical combinations of Vietnamese pho (brisket, tendons, tripe), like the name suggests, there’s more. Soups—listed under the note: “not recommended for novices please no returns,” which is written in all caps, underlined, italicized and bolded—are Thai-influenced. Tsunami (labeled with three peppers but not nearly as hot as that warns) includes pork, various seafood balls of various colors, chopped Chinese broccoli and a few crushed peanuts in a reddish sweet broth piled high with cilantro, scallions and sprouts.

Though the soup lacks the promised spice, the noodle choice keeps it interesting. For something different, try the Japanese shirataki. A friend who is living the Paleo-CrossFit life first told me about it: They’re low in carbohydrates and high in fiber, transparent with a white tint and chewy to the point of almost squeaking. The longer they sit in the broth, the softer they get. Slurp fast.

Vietnamese Fusion; Order: Tsunami
Pho N More, 144 Maple Ave. W., Vienna


(January 2015)