Morning Made Marvelous

By Natalie Kaar

Joy Elizabeth Jaynes of the mindful mornings blog Mornings Like These was on a beach trip in July 2013, embracing a perfect ocean view, just after sunrise, when she started MLT on Instagram. She says, “I needed to find a way to harness the tranquility I was feeling. … I said to myself, ‘I need more mornings like these.’” Apparently, over 14,000 followers agree.

Jaynes says, “I’ve had people laugh or mock the idea of finding opportunities in the morning to indulge in that [are] entirely your own. It’s easier said than done, I know, but it truly does amazing things for your demeanor.” She argues, “Starting your day with dedication, purpose and calm also does wonders for your psychological resilience. Sacrificing a few moments of sleep for an experience of your choosing brings the power back to you.”


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Early Riser Guide

(January 2015)