Sense of Thai St.
Chiang mai noodle from Sense of Thai St. / Photo by Rey Lopez

Sense of Thai St.

Sense of Thai St.
Sense of Thai St. / Photo by Rey Lopez

Almost a decade ago, “there’s an app for that” was the catchphrase of the burgeoning social media age. While Snapchat geofilters haven’t reached the saturation level of the iPhone’s mini computer programs, it’s building its own cache. And Sense of Thai St. is on it.

Take a picture of one of the beautiful dishes, like chiang mai noodle, with egg noodles wrapped around pops of color provided by pickled mustard greens and red onions and crowned with crispy fried noodles, and swipe-paste the temperature and time to Sense’s filter: Bangkok’s Wat Arun temple, lit to a golden hue, over a midnight sky.

Or order a drink from the bar. Better yet, don’t order a drink. Just tell the bartender what you like and don’t like and you’ll receive a cocktail concocted just for you. Take a picture and use the “dealer’s choice” filter.

You don’t have to play with your phone to coax the best out of this One Loudoun restaurant. There’s a grilled yellowtail jaw with char as its main flavor component and an aggressively spicy fried rice dish flavored with a pork tamarind paste that an owner’s mom makes in Thailand and servers and chefs visiting their homeland bring back to the restaurant. Is there a filter for that?

Established: June 2015
Type: Thai
Good for: cocktails, Street Fried Rice, yellowtail jaw
Address: 20413 Exchange St., Ashburn
Open: daily for lunch and dinner

(May 2016 Best New Restaurants 2016)