Illustration by Mal Jones
Illustration by Mal Jones

Dating After Divorce Advice from the Experts

By Renee Sklarew


Be a Peacock
Susan Trombetti of Exclusive Matchmaking says people often make poor choices when selecting a photo for social media. Don’t pose in fake-looking glamour shots or include an ambiguous person or use decades-old photos. Do wear bright colors and show yourself doing something you enjoy (traveling, biking).


Don’t Talk Smack About Your Ex
Michelle Jacoby of DC Matchmaking says don’t date if you’re caught up in bitterness and anger. Don’t discuss your divorce on your first five dates. Saying negative things makes you look bad and inhibits chemistry. Commiserating over painful divorce is being together in an unhealthy way.


No Shame in Online Dating
Trombetti says the stigma attached to online dating has disappeared. When online, though, women may notice many men want to date younger women, so, she says, a 50-year-old woman should not rule out a 60-year-old man.


Communication Breakdown
Trombetti says men should not text photos of their private parts for obvious reasons including that it’s offensive. Texting a date about your feelings is confusing and should be avoided. Do speak honestly to each other in person or over the phone instead of communicating by text.


Meeting Your Kids
Cathi Cohen, director of In Step, recommends waiting to introduce your dates until it’s a serious relationship. Kids are going through their own process, and it’s confusing when a series of people comes through their home to meet them.



(December 2015)